Friday, January 16, 2009

The Cabinet Trip from Hell

I had mentioned in the previous post that we have started doing research on the type of cabinets that we want to go into our new kitchen. I have to share this story about the lengths that we will go to to get a good deal on our cabinets.

Last Saturday morning all of northeastern Ohio was hit with a near blizzard and all the roads were snow covered. The night before we planned on making a trip to Lordstown to the Kraftmaid cabinet outlet, where it was rumored you could get any type of cabinet for a single price less than $100. That was music to the ears of the little stingy man inside of me.

I woke up a 6am and looked out the window and saw snow coming down, but the road outside our house didn't look TOO bad. I woke up Kirsten and she said she still wanted to try to make the trip. We hopped in the car and headed toward Hartville to pickup my Dad's pickup truck in case we actually decided to buy something. It normally takes about 30 mins to Hartville from Wadsworth. It tooks us over an hour! I know somewhere along the way I wanted to turn around, but I guess the stingy voice inside my wife told her she wanted to keep going.

We finally arrived at my parent's house in Hartville around 7:15am, got in the truck and headed back out toward Lordstown. We got on I-76 East and it was down to one lane, the road was completely covered and all I could see were the tracks of another daring driver somewhere up ahead of me. Needless to say, we did make it to Lordstown around 8:45am.

Once inside we were overwhelmed with the rows of cabinets that were organized by species and finish. We looked first at the Natural and Honey Spice Maple, but there were already names on the cabinets we wanted. After looking around for a while and feeling underwhelmed, we went back to the Maple rows. Realizing that we couldn't find enough cabinets in the same style and finish and in the sizes we needed, we decided to brave the weather and head back home.

So we risked our lives and gave up our Saturday morning to come away empty handed. But at least now we know what the warehouse had to offer and that we would rather pay a premium at Lowe's or another store to know we will be getting our kitchen installed in 4-6 weeks. Now we just need to decide what we want and order it. It sounds easier than it actually is...

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